We are proud to work as a bridge between regions

If you are a company willing to internationalizate to Europe
We can help

Do you believe your product would work in the european market?

Then we can be your partner and support to reach a market with more than 511 million of potential customers


What we do

To distribute and sell your products

We will manage direct sell, distribution to retailers and e-commerce.

A multichannel strategy to take your products wherever there is a potential customer


To get your products and brand legally registered

The legal framework to sell foreign products in the European Union is complicated.

Working together with you, we will manage to get your brand legally allow to sell in this region


Online marketing

We can manage the social media and online marketing of your company in the European Union.

To maximize resources we adapt the local content and create new for this specific market


We have our own warehouse and agreements with logistic service providers all around europe.

With this system we can manage the storage and delivery of your products doesn´t matter where your customer is

Is your company ready to internationalizate?

Being a small and medium-sized enterprise is no reason to avoid internationalization, but it is fundamental to know if the company is ready.

Are you interested in Europe?

Europe is one of the biggest and wealthiest regions in the world, but it may not be the perfect match for your company.

Does your product fit with western consumers?

European consumers are demanding, so you need to be sure to offer and extra value for them in order to success in this market.